10 Ways to Add Healthy Fats to The Diet

Woman smiling and holding an eggOne of the most common mistakes people make on a low-carb diet is not eating enough fat.

If you eat low carb AND low fat, that leaves you with nothing but protein.

If you eat nothing but protein, you will eventually start feeling hungry, crappy and abandon the diet.

Every population that has thrived on a low-carb diet, such as the Inuit or Masai, have eaten lots of fat.

They cherished the fatty parts of the animal and the organs. To them, “lean meat” was dog food.

Here are 10 things you can do to make sure that you eat enough fat on a low-carb diet.

Be aware that you do NOT have to do all of these, they are merely suggestions if you struggle to get enough fat in your diet.

1. Choose The Fattier Meats and Fishes

At the grocery store, choose the fattier cuts of meat, preferably from grass-fed/pastured animals.

Stay away from the chicken breasts, the lean steaks and the pieces where the fat has been removed.

Choose fatty fish like salmon. They’re tastier, fattier and healthier.

2. Use More Fat When Cooking

Olive Oil

If you have some remnants of “fat phobia” after decades of brainwashing by the media, now is the time to get over it.

I suggest you face your fears and put oodles of fat on your food when cooking.

A few tablespoons of butter or coconut oil can easily give a bland, dry meal a powerful richness, plus they go with just about anything.

Olive oil is also excellent to add some flavor and richness to a salad.

For high-heat cooking, choose saturated fats.

3. Take Cod Fish Liver Oil

There are many good reasons to take a fish oil supplement, adding fat to the diet is one of them.

One tablespoon of cod fish liver oil will also give you plenty of Vitamin D3, Vitamin A and Omega-3s.

4. Eat Eggs, Nuts and Avocados


Eggs are among the healthiest foods on the planet.

Very satiating, incredibly nutritious and contain an excellent ratio of amino acids.

Eggs are also high in saturated fat and cholesterol, which is a good thing if you ask me. Choose pastured and/or Omega-3 enriched eggs.

Nuts are very nutritious and also high in fat. Eat a handful of nuts a few times a week and you will up your fat intake quite a bit while satisfying your body’s need for other important nutrients like magnesium and Vitamin E.

Avocados are another healthy, delicious, high-fat food. You can eat an avocado with almost anything and it is very rich in healthy monounsaturated fats.

5. Put Heavy Cream in Your Coffee

Sometimes I like to put some heavy whipping cream into my coffee.

It’s delicious and tends to have an appetite reducing effect. If I start to get a little hungry and there’s a while until my next meal, a cup of coffee with some heavy cream will usually take care of it.

6. Eat Mayonnaise and Guacamole

A great way to include more fats in your low carb meal plan is to use condiments like mayonnaise and guacamole. They are nutritious, high in fat and go with almost anything.

Just make your own or at least read the ingredients labels before buying.

If you choose to make your own mayo, use butter and olive oil instead of any nasty vegetable oils.

7. Use Sauces Like Bearnaise

There are many sauces you can eat, for example Bearnaise that is composed mostly of butter and egg yolks.

Any sauce that uses lots of butter, heavy cream or other high-fat foods is a great addition to pretty much any meal.

8. Use Fatty Cheeses


You can use full-fat cheeses to turn any bland meal into a delicious treat.

I often put some cheese on my foods, but occasionally I just eat it raw as a snack.

9. Eat Some Dark Chocolate

Another high-fat food that you may be pleased to read about is dark chocolate. If you choose a brand that is organic and has a high cocoa content (70-90%) then it will be a great source of antioxidants and healthy fats.

Think of it as an occasional treat, not a meal.

10. Eat Bacon

This one speaks for itself.


  1. Hello there.

    Thank you for this information. I really like how you make an effort to go through the literature before giving advice. But I can´t help but wonder about what you say about lysi (fish oil made in Iceland). I recently heard about a danish study that gave it a flunk grade claming the quality of the oil was very low. Have you looked into this study? I must admit I have not read the details.

    • I believe it got debunked by some nutritionist in Iceland. Apparently they were measuring the wrong value or something. The fish oil in Iceland is excellent, cod fish liver oil is best.

  2. I made these tonight and they were really good – avocado and dark chocolate – amazing!

  3. I’m just wondering if a morbidly obese person should be consuming a lot of fat on a LCHF diet? Would eating a lot of fat stop you from using the excess fat on your body as fuel? I know fat is satiating, but to lose weight I wonder if obese people should use only enough good fats to make their meals tasty but no more? What do you think, Kris?

    By the way, thanks so much for all the useful information you provide. It really is appreciated!

    • I would try it first eating a lot of fat, you will most likely feel so satiated that you will start eating less calories automatically and your body will start burning body fat. If you find yourself stalling, you can cut back on the fat while keeping protein constant.

  4. Amrah Nasim says:

    Thank you. This actually helped clear a LOT of misconceptions.

  5. Tony Swanson says:

    Hi Kris,
    Thanks for all the great tips.
    My doctor tells me I have high cholesterol, my LDL and HDL would look better if the numbers were reversed. He says it is genetic (I was adopted so don’t known my family’s health history) as I am otherwise healthy 5’7 and 153 lbs I eat well following what you say, is there anything else’s you would recommend?

  6. I was obese and eat lots of fat (80 fat / 5 carb / 15 protein), I still burn my own fat – lost 10 kg in 8 weeks. Just dropped into overweight!

    Btw avocados are very high in fiber! I added half an avocado a day as I had problems with constipation at first.

    Aussie kgs, don’t understand pounds.

    P.S. I am an over achiever and work day and night at exercise and research.

  7. Hello, I’m trying to cut all fat in my thighs on boiled vegetables and lean turkey or chicken. Now when you talk about eating fat I feel like no, I’m 47 and I need to reduce fat in my thighs and stomach, please give me some advice. Thanks.

  8. Hey Kris! I just bought cod liver oil soft gel tabs, 1250 IU vitamin A, 135 IU vitamin A 3 times a day. My vitamin pack also has 5000 IU vitamin A and 1600 IU vitamin D. I was reading an article about getting to much vitamin A. Do you think this is too much? I also take CLA clarinol and fish oil. What do you think?

    • According to the Institute of Medicine the daily tolerable upper limit from supplements for adults is 10,000 IU.

      Why not ditch the cod liver oil caps and replace your fish oil with cod liver oil?

      I’m not so sure CLA supplementation is a good idea though. I’ve read mixed reviews and some studies show adverse effects. It might help you lose a bit of fat but I personally don’t think it’s worth the risk.

  9. Everywhere I look bacon has sugar added to it, where can you find bacon without the additives?

  10. I’m on low carb diet and do not shy away from fat. I avoid processed food and therefore can not get into that eating bacon on regular basis is good for you (I enjoy it and eat once in a while). Bacon is a very processed food product and I can’t see that it has a rightful place on this list.

  11. Hello! I have been eating LCHF for 3 months now and I have hit a weight loss plateau. My weight is in between 62-63kg. I am 20 years old and 173cm. I work out 3-5 times a week and rarely have a cheat meal. My typical breakfast 3-4 boiled eggs, eggplant, cabbage, tomatoes, mushrooms, cucumbers and sour cream. For lunch 150g of pork, chicken or fish and the same salad. I usually don’t have dinner but when I do it’s either a can of tuna in saltwater or 3 pieces of ham with cheese. What am I doing wrong here? Advice would be much appreciated.

    • You could try removing all nuts and dairy. These foods can often cause a weight loss plateau.

      Doing some weight training can be effective too. It’s also important to measure your progress using some other method than just the scale. Waist circumference works well, as well as having your body fat measured.

    • Nils R Grotnes says:


      You probably should think more about losing internal fat, if you have any, rather than weight. Your BMI seems to me to be in the middle of the “normal range”. Don’t forget that getting too thin can be unhealthy too… If I were you, I’d work on making LCHF a lifestyle rather than a diet.

  12. Alexandra says:

    Hello. What about if I don’t like fatty meat? I can eat fatty fish, but when it gets to fat from pork or cow, I just can’t stand it in my mouth. I also might be the single person on earth that doesn’t like bacon. Would you consider a low carb diet with less fat from animal sources not good enough?

    Greetings from Romania, Kris!

  13. Issa Abuaita says:

    Hello, I have been suffering from my back fat and belly for long time and my friend advised me to go on a low-carb diet, I have been on it for a month and I have lost fat, so much fat but now I can’t see any difference. My consumption of food is less than before, I don’t know what to do. I’m a bit demotivated :(

  14. How much fat is too much fat for weight loss? I’ve started tracking my food with an app to help identify why I’m not losing on low carb (I think too many calories!). Now that is under control, should I worry about my fat intake?

    For example, today I ate 82 grams of fat- lean meat, coconut oil for cooking, and evoo for salad dressing. Any thoughts?

  15. Thank you! Thank you! Finally I found a nutritional site that tells me how to do the things the others just say do it.

    And you didn’t say something offensive like some of the other sites, who say don’t worry about fat intake while on a low carb diet, your body will use up what is stored in your cells.

    Maybe it never occurred to them that not everyone is in this for weight loss. Anyway enough of my rant. Did I tell you thank you?

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