Top 17 Low-Carb & Paleo Doctors With Blogs

Doctor With Thumbs UpSome people give me weird looks when I say something about nutrition that doesn’t fit with the conventional wisdom they have been fed all their lives.

But I’ve learned pretty much all of it from other experts that are way more knowledgeable than me.

There are a whole bunch of doctors, scientists, professors and various experts all around the world who also believe that a low-carb, paleo type of diet is a better option.

Here are 17 low-carb and paleo friendly medical doctors who have their own blogs and websites.

The list is in no particular order.

1. Andreas Eenfeldt

Dr. Andreas EenfeldtDr. Andreas Eenfeldt is a Swedish medical doctor who has specialized in family medicine.

He was one of the key players in bringing the low-carb, high-fat revolution to Sweden. About 20% of the Swedish population is currently on the LCHF diet. Visit his site: Diet Doctor.

2. Emily Deans

Dr. Emily DeansDr. Emily Deans is a board certified adult psychiatrist based in Massachusets.

She seeks evolutionary solutions to modern mental health problems and reviews various studies related to the subject on her site, Evolutionary Psychiatry.

3. John Briffa

Dr. John BriffaDr. John Briffa is a naturally-oriented medical doctor, speaker and an author who has published several books on health and nutrition.

His latest book is called Escape The Diet Trap. More from him here: Dr Briffa.

4. Michael Eades

Dr. Michael EadesDr. Michael Eades works in private practice with his wife, Dr. Mary Dan Eades (see below) where they specialize in bariatric and nutritional medicine.

They are the authors of the Protein Power series of books. Read his blog here: Protein Power – Dr. Mike.

5. Mary Dan Eades

Dr. Mary Dan EadesDr. Mary Dan Eades, along with her husband Mike, have given lectures all over the world on health, nutrition and disease.

Together they have treated over six thousand people with lifestyle related disorders using their dietary approach. Her blog: Protein Power – Dr. Mary Dan.

6. Peter Attia

Dr. Peter AttiaDr. Peter Attia’s health was starting to suffer a few years ago while following a conventional “healthy” diet.

This started a big journey and he is now one of the founders of the Nutrition Science Initiative. Check out his blog here: The Eating Academy.

7. William Davis

Dr. William DavisDr. William Davis is a practicing cardiologist in Wisconsin. He is the founder of the Track Your Plaque program for heart disease prevention and reversal.

In 2011, he published the best-selling book Wheat Belly, which has now sold over 700,000 copies. His blog is here: Wheat Belly Blog.

8. Cate Shanahan

Dr. Cate ShanahanDr. Cate Shanahan gained a background in biochemistry and genetics before going to medical scool. She is now a board certified family physician.

She has written two books: Deep Nutrition and Food Rules. Her blog: Dr Cate.

9. Axel F. Sigurdsson

Dr. Axel SigurdssonDr. Axel F. Sigurdsson is a practicing cardiologist in Reykjavik, Iceland, who has published multiple papers on coronary heart disease and heart failure.

He writes about health, nutrition and the science of heart health on his blog: Doc’s Opinion.

10. Yoni Freedhoff

Dr. Yoni FreedhoffDr. Yoni Freedhoff is a family doctor, assistant professor at the University of Ottawa and the founder Ottawa’s Bariatric Medical Institute.

He is among Canada’s most outspoken obesity experts and covers many topics on his blog: Weighty Matters.

11. Anastasia Boulais

Dr. Anastasia BoulaisDr. Anastasia Boulais is a new doctor, fresh out of med school. She currently lives and works in Australia and is a part-time health and fitness junkie.

She writes about nutrition and health from an evolutionary perspective on her website: PrimalMedEd.

12. Ron Rosedale

Dr. Ron RosedaleDr. Ron Rosedale is an expert in nutritional and metabolic medicine who has done a lot of groundbreaking work with diabetics and others suffering from so-called incurable diseases.

He is the author of a book called The Rosedale Diet and writes about nutrition, health and longevity on his blog: Dr Rosedale.

13. Kurt Harris

Dr. Kurt HarrisDr. Kurt Harris is a practicing board certified radiologist. He had an epiphany after hearing Gary Taubes on the radio and has since been exploring the field of nutrition.

He hasn’t written anything in a while, but you can find a ton of good stuff in the archives on his site: Archevore.

14. Judy Tsafrir

Dr. Judy TsafrirDr. Judy Tsafrir is a board certified psychiatrist from Massachusetts. She focuses on holistic and nutritional methods and is a certified GAPS practitioner.

She is a big believer in evolutionary approaches to nutrition. Read more on her blog: Judy Tsafrir MD.

15. Colin Champ

Dr. Colin ChampDr. Colin E. Champ has been passionate about health, nutrition and sports since a young age. He is currently completing his specialty training in radiation oncology.

He believes that mimicking the lifestyles of our ancestors can help fight obesity and chronic disease. His blog: Caveman Doctor.

16. Steve Parker

Dr. Steve ParkerDr. Steve Parker is a a leading medical expert on the mediterranean diet and wrote a book about a very low carb version of the diet for diabetics.

He is currently interested in an application of the paleolithic diet and lifestyle to treat diabetes. He blogs at: Paleo Diabetic.

17. Jeffry Gerber

Dr. Jeffry GerberDr. Jeffry N. Gerber is a board certified family physician in Littleton, Colorado, where he has been providing personalized healthcare since 1993.

He has been focusing on prevention and treatment programs using low-carb, ancestral and paleo diets. His blog: Denver’s Diet Doctor.

More Low-Carb & Paleo Friendly Physicians

If you want to schedule an appointment with a low-carb & paleo friendly doctor in an area near you, check out Primal Docs and the Paleo Physicians Network.

If I’m missing any docs that ought to be on this list, feel free to add them in the comments!


  1. Chris Kresser ( has excellent articles about treating chronic diseases with nutrition.

    • Barry Bridges says:

      About chronic diseases, could you imagine if people got off the bad vegetable fats, and the bad carbs, plus processed foods, you may have a population that may be almost disease free. Look at the start of the twentieth century, There was pockets of communities that were still isolated from the modern world. These people grew their own crops and slaughtered their own meat. They were disease free, till roads and shipping were linked to them. Shops were soon set up.

      They sold things like white flour, sugar, jams and condensed milk. The rest is history, we have generations brought up believing in the “lipid Hypothesis”, saturated fat causes cholesterol. Cholesterol causes heart disease. That is crap. Saturated fat is essential for metabolism, growth and fighting disease.

  2. Dr. Terry Wahls?

  3. Thanks for the kind words and the shout out!

  4. Bob Crason says:

    Dan Egan –

    Jack Kruse

    Ernie Garcia –

  5. Mark Holmes says:

    Agree with Chris Kresser recommendation. Also check out Robb Wolf, JJ Virgin.

  6. Mark Holmes says:

    Robb Wolf blog –

  7. Thanks for the mention, Kris!


  8. Gary Green says:

    I really like this post. I’m going to hijack it to my blog, give you credit and explore the rest of your site. Thank you.

  9. New doctors on the paleo scene. Dr. Rita was prediabetic, high cholesterol and hypertensive (on 2 meds for years)… now 70 pounds lighter and healthy, no meds. Dr. Ian lost 40 pounds no longer with hypelipidemia. They have a new book, The Beckford Formula, Lose the Fat for Good! (on Amazon, Kindle and Nook) and free app!

  10. Rich Merrill says:

    Come on. There are at least two or three folks here disciples of Mark Sisson.
    Also Jonny Bowden has written 10 or so books on the subject.
    Robert Lustig has one of the most watched video on all of Youtube. It’s about the dangers of sugar in the diet though not sure if he has a blog or not.

  11. Peggy Holloway says:

    Dr. Jay Wortman:

  12. Jorrn M. Vikse says:

    Dr. Sofie Hexeberg & Dr. Erik Hexeberg, Oslo, Norway

  13. I’m guessing all the names mentioned in the comments that are not recommended are not because you have only M.D.’s listed.

  14. Jonathan Swaringen says:

    Reading comprehension fail? It says clearly low carb doctors blogs…..not low carb in general blogs…why are people linking Robb Wolf etc…who are not doctors and acting like the list is missing people….

    Oh well doesn’t matter much it doesn’t hurt anything

  15. Why not add Jack Kruse: – He promotes epi-Paleo (more seafood) on his blog and has lots of other interesting ideas.

  16. Katherine says:

    Rick Henriksen, MD

    Rick is one of the founders of Physicians and Ancestral Health group.

    It’s wonderful that ancestral/evolutionary/paleo minded docs are self organizing to insure standards in practicing evolutionary medicine. This will help clarify solid advice versus that which a few charlatans espouse.

  17. Mary Lewis says:

    Georgia Ede, MD needs to be added to your list.
    She may be a relative newcomer to the paleo/LC blogworld, but her blog is EXCELLENT.

  18. Thank you for the mention. What a great company to be included in!

  19. I would also recommend Dr Sarah Myhill:
    Her website opened my eyes to the “Stone Age Diet” and set me on a voyage of discovery regarding health and nutrition.

  20. What constantly surprises me is the lack of attention someone like Dr. Gregory Ellis gets. Not only is he advocating low carb eating but he himself has been following that since the late 80′s!

    If that wasn’t enough he is also one of the few people in the low carb field that fully understands what causes the confusion between low carb eating vs the energy balance theory. He is also defending both parts brilliantly unlike many of the top LCHF-experts that still claims there is some magic involved with low carbing. I agree, for many people low carbing can appear like magic but it has more to do with issues like fuel partitioning than something yet unknown to science. This part is also an important stepping stone to widen the acceptance of low carbing as “the other side” constantly gets stuck with a narrow minded focus on solely the energy balance theory. (Yes, it is valid but it in practice it needs to be supported by issues like fuel partitioning that when optimally achieved for especially an obese individual results in satiety never before experienced. Hence the feeling of “magic”.)

    Add to that his vast personal experience in all parts related to health, diet, nutrition and physical exercise. He is not the typical armchair theorist but has actually spent serious time in the trenches.

    Last but not least, he is taking low carb eating beyond weight loss like no one has done so far by putting full focus on the glycation theory of aging which appears to has it’s part in a lot, if not most, of degenerative deceases.

    I feel I have to post this because I have following Dr. Ellis since the early 2000′s when he released his diet book and that is why it is mindboggling how little attention that man receives even among people that should be his peers in regards to the focus on low carbing.

  21. Supporting Mary Lewis above, Dr Ede’s webiste, is fantastic. IMO, she is a MUST read. Check out her 4-part series on Cancer as a metabolic disease based on Seyfried’s book. Great stuff.

  22. Ethel Lober says:

    And so the first out Low Carb High Fat doctor ever: Doctor Annika Dahlqvist, Sweden.

  23. Odd that you mention Anders Eenfeldt and not Annika Dahlqvist who in fact was the one who invented “lchf” and made it known in Sweden!

    • Jonathan Swaringen says:

      Invented? I think you mean popularized Sweden in modern times perhaps….lchf has been around since before she or Eenfeldt were alive. Not that it really matters…I suppose.

      Either way the most likely reason that she got left off the list is she isn’t as well known in all areas. If someone in Sweden were making the list she probably would have been on it, but it was overlooked because Eenfeldt is more well known here.

  24. I don’t think Emily Deans or Kurt Harris are “low-carb”

  25. Don’t forget ‘The Paleo Doctor,’ Dr. Paul Abramson in San Francisco! His blog is!

  26. Third Chimp says:

    I think the list must include Paul Jaminet

  27. Christoph Dollis says:

    Kurt Harris is inappropriate to keep on this list, as he has clearly changed his views. He does support an essentially natural, evolutionary-based diet, but points out, correctly, that many such societies ate a lot of carbohydrates in the form of tubers and rhizomes in addition to animal fat and protein.

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