Top 11 Biggest Lies About Vegan Diets

Woman Holding a Plate With Green Pepper

It is claimed that the vegan diet has strong evidence behind it. It is said that it can make people lose weight and even reverse killer diseases. However... vegan proponents usually don't tell you the full story. They make it seem like there is overwhelming evidence in favor of the vegan diet. But … [Read more...]

Top 10 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Turmeric and Curcumin

Young Indian Woman Holding a Plate With Turmeric

Turmeric may be the most effective nutritional supplement in existence. Many high quality studies show that it has major benefits for your body and brain. Here are the top 10 evidence-based health benefits of turmeric. 1. Turmeric Contains Bioactive Compounds With Powerful Medicinal … [Read more...]

Canola Oil: Good or Bad?

Female Chef Holding a Bottle of Vegetable Oil

Fats in the diet are extremely important. Without the right ones, our bodies can not function properly. However... there is a lot of confusion out there about the health effects of different fats and oils. One cooking fat that is heavily marketed as a healthy choice is canola oil. It is low in … [Read more...]

The 11 Most Nutrient Dense Foods on The Planet

Young Woman Holding a Bowl of Blueberries

There is only a limited amount of food you can eat in a single day. In order to maximize the amount of nutrients you take in, it makes sense to spend your "calorie budget" wisely. The best way to do that is to simply eat the foods that carry the greatest amount and variety of nutrients. These are the … [Read more...]

8 Ridiculous Myths About Meat Consumption and Health

Man Holding a Plate of Steak

There is a lot of nonsense in nutrition. One of the worst examples is the constant propaganda against meat consumption. Here are 8 ridiculous myths about meat consumption and health. 1. Meat Rots in Your Colon Some people claim that meat doesn't get digested properly and "rots" in your … [Read more...]

Food Addiction – A Serious Problem With a Simple Solution

Girl Who is Addicted to Chocolate

This article contains detailed information on addiction to food. It explains exactly what it is, how it works and what you can do to overcome it. Eating healthy and losing weight seems downright impossible for many people. Despite their best intentions, they repeatedly find themselves eating large … [Read more...]

12 Baby Steps to Optimal Nutrition

Young Smiling Man Eating a Salad

What works for one person may not work for the next. When making changes, some people (like me) prefer to go all-in and change everything at the same time. But others prefer the longer, slower approach... making small changes, one at a time. Neither approach is better than the other, it's just that … [Read more...]

Meratrim – a Weight Loss Supplement That Seems Too Good to be True

Woman Holding a Pill

If you've tried to lose weight before and failed, you're definitely not alone. This is actually what happens most of the time. Sometimes people manage to lose quite a bit, but they usually end up gaining it all back. The truth is... losing weight is hard and the success rate is terrible. For this … [Read more...]

11 Graphs That Show Everything That is Wrong With The Modern Diet

Overweight Man Pouring Ketchup on a Hamburger

The modern diet is the main reason why people all over the world are fatter and sicker than ever before. Everywhere modern processed foods go, chronic diseases like obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease soon follow. The studies are clear on this... when people abandon their traditional foods in … [Read more...]

Eggs and Cholesterol – How Many Eggs Can You Safely Eat?

Woman Smiling and Holding a Fried Egg

Eggs are among the most nutritious foods on the planet. Just imagine... a whole egg contains all the nutrients needed to turn a single cell into an entire baby chicken. However, eggs have gotten a bad reputation because the yolks are high in cholesterol. In fact, a single medium sized egg contains … [Read more...]