6 Proven Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar (No. 3 is Best)

Young Woman Holding a Bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar

For centuries, vinegar has been used for various household and cooking purposes. It is also an ancient folk remedy, claimed to help with all sorts of health problems. The most popular vinegar in the natural health community is Apple Cider Vinegar. It is claimed to lead to all sorts of beneficial … [Read more...]

20 Mainstream Nutrition Myths (Debunked by Science)

Shocked Woman With Glasses, Eating an Apple

Mainstream nutrition is full of nonsense. Despite clear advancements in nutrition science, the old myths don't seem to be going anywhere. Here are 20 mainstream nutrition myths that have been debunked by scientific research. Myth 1: The Healthiest Diet is a Low-Fat, High-Carb Diet With Lots of … [Read more...]

Food Addiction Treatment – Where to Find Help

Woman Being Interviewed by a Health Professional

Dealing with food addiction can often seem impossible. Your brain chemistry is working against you around the clock. If you've repeatedly failed at overcoming this problem on your own, then perhaps it is time to seek help. This is what I did, after trying many times to control things on my own... … [Read more...]

Brown Rice Syrup: Good or Bad?

Pastry Chef With Syrup

Added sugar is the single worst ingredient in the modern diet. It is now believed to be among the leading causes of some of the world's biggest killers. This includes not only obesity, but also type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer (1, 2, 3, 4). Added sugar (and high fructose corn syrup) is made … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Why Bulletproof Coffee is a Bad Idea

Man in Suit Drinking Coffee

Coffee is awesome. Butter is awesome. Saturated fat is awesome. There is no doubt about it... they have been unfairly demonized. They've been blamed for health problems that they really didn't have anything to do with. Fortunately, the world is slowly but surely abandoning the old diet myths … [Read more...]

11 Proven Health Benefits of Chia Seeds (No. 3 is Best)

Woman Holding Something in Her Hands

Chia seeds are among the healthiest foods on the planet. They are loaded with nutrients that can have important benefits for your body and brain. Here are 11 health benefits of chia seeds that are supported by human studies. 1. Chia Seeds Deliver a Massive Amount of Nutrients With Very Few … [Read more...]

Types of Salt: Himalayan vs Kosher vs Regular vs Sea Salt

Woman in Salty Sea, Large

"Salt is what makes things taste bad when it isn't in them." – Unknown Salt is arguably the most important ingredient in cooking. Without it, most meals would taste bland and unexciting. However... not all salt is created equal and there are many "types" to choose from. We have Himalayan Pink … [Read more...]

4 Superfoods That Are Not Paleo

Young Chef With a Piece of Cheese

I like the idea behind the paleo diet. It seems sensible to try to emulate the diet our ancestors ate while we were evolving. However... even though I like the idea, I don't like the way the diet is prescribed in many cases. It seems to have gone beyond just science and started becoming more about … [Read more...]

Do Raspberry Ketones Really Work? A Detailed Review

Woman Holding a Bowl of Raspberries

If you need to lose weight, you are not alone. More than a third of Americans are overweight, and another third are obese (1). Only 30% of people are now at a healthy weight... being overweight has become the new "normal." The problem is, conventional weight loss methods are so difficult that 85% of … [Read more...]

How Common is Food Addiction? A Critical Look

Overweight Woman Addicted to Chocolate

"My name is Kris and I am a food addict." I've written a number of articles on food addiction before. The feedback has been amazing... many people have commented and e-mailed me, sharing their struggles with food. From talking to people, I have gotten the vibe that food addiction is a pretty common … [Read more...]