Can “Diet” Make You Fat? The Truth on Artificial Sweeteners

Young Brunette Holding a Paper Glass With Soda

Added sugar is a disaster and many people are trying to avoid it. But most of us are accustomed to sweet foods, and don't want to live our lives without them. For this reason, various artificial chemicals have been invented to replicate the effects of sugar. These are substances that can stimulate … [Read more...]

Antioxidants Explained in Human Terms

Redhead Eating Berries

Antioxidants are frequently mentioned in everyday conversations. This applies to both scholars and laymen alike. You can find antioxidant supplements in store shelves, and their health benefits are beloved by both marketers and media. However, very few people actually know what they are and how they … [Read more...]

6 Proven Ways to Lose Belly Fat (No. 2 and 3 are Best)

Fat vs Thin Man

Overweight does not necessarily equal unhealthy. There are actually plenty of overweight people who are in excellent health (1). Conversely, many normal weight people have the metabolic problems associated with obesity (2). That's because the fat under the skin is actually not that big of a problem … [Read more...]

Glucomannan – A Weight Loss Supplement That Works

A Man Wondering About a Pill

A lot of people need to lose weight. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to achieve and long term success is rare. All sorts of things are claimed to help with this... diets, potions and pills that are supposed to make things easier. One of them is called glucomannan, a natural dietary fiber that is … [Read more...]

Whey Protein 101: Surprising Benefits of Powders and Shakes

Athletic Woman Holding a Container With Protein

Not all protein is created equal. Some forms of protein, such as whey, are better than others. Whey protein contains an incredible range of essential amino acids, which are absorbed quickly (1). Numerous studies show that it can help you increase strength, gain muscle and lose significant amounts of … [Read more...]

The 20 Most Weight Loss Friendly Foods on The Planet

Young Girl Holding Sliced Grapefruit

Not all calories are created equal. Different foods go through different metabolic pathways in the body. They can have vastly different effects on hunger, hormones and how many calories we burn. Here are the 20 most weight loss friendly foods on earth, that are supported by science. 1. Whole … [Read more...]

Leptin and Leptin Resistance: Everything You Need to Know

Obese vs Thin Woman

Many people falsely believe that weight gain (and loss) is all about calories and willpower. However, modern obesity research disagrees... and scientists are increasingly pointing their fingers at a hormone called leptin (1). Being resistant to this hormone's effects (called leptin resistance) is now … [Read more...]

Agave Nectar: A Sweetener That is Even Worse Than Sugar

Woman Wondering About Syrup

The harmful effects of sugar are among the few things that most health experts agree on. Everyone knows that sugar is unhealthy and most health conscious people try to avoid it. Not surprisingly, all sorts of other sweeteners have become popular, both natural and artificial. One of those is called … [Read more...]

10 Similarities Between Sugar, Junk Food and Abusive Drugs

Man Drinking Wine and Stuffing Himself With Pasta

There are many ridiculous myths in nutrition. The idea that losing weight is all about calories and willpower is one of the worst. The truth is... sugar and highly processed junk foods can be addictive, just like drugs. Not only are the behavioral symptoms the same, but the biology also happens to … [Read more...]

Mediterranean Diet 101: A Meal Plan That Can Save Your Life

Young Woman Eating Green Grapes

This is a detailed meal plan for the Mediterranean Diet. Foods to eat, foods to avoid and a sample Mediterranean menu for one week. The Mediterranean diet is based on the traditional foods that people used to eat in Mediterranean countries like Italy and Greece back in the year 1960. Researchers noted … [Read more...]