Big News: Authority Nutrition Joins the Healthline Family!

I am incredibly proud of what Authority Nutrition has achieved.

This website was started by me back in December 2012, working alone at the computer in my room.

Since then, the website has skyrocketed in popularity. It went from zero to over 15 million visits per month within 4.5 years, making it one of the fastest growing websites ever.

We now have 7 full-time employees, as well as over 20 expert writers and freelance editors.

The entire team is incredibly skilled and dedicated to helping us reach our #1 goal: to produce the best nutrition content that exists on the web.

I’m incredibly grateful to our team, as well as the hundreds of millions of people who have visited our site. Thousands have sent us emails and comments thanking us for how our site has made a positive impact in their life.

It’s Time for a Positive Change

However, it is now time for a big change, which will be highly beneficial for our followers and readers.

Back in early 2017, I was contacted by a US company that runs another health website —

This is one of the biggest health websites in the world and has grown dramatically in the past few years. Currently it gets over 5 times as much traffic as Authority Nutrition.

They were incredibly impressed with the quality of our nutrition content and wanted to buy our site to bring this incredibly useful content to their own readers.

I got to meet with their awesome team several times and realized that this would be a really good move for Authority Nutrition and its readers. As of August, 2017, Authority Nutrition will officially be part of

Importantly, I will continue to work for them and everyone on our awesome team will keep their jobs and continue to do what they do best — producing awesome evidence-based nutrition content that helps people.

How This Change Benefits You

The only difference for now is that our articles will be accessible from instead of

In addition, because we will be part of a bigger company with many more resources, we will now be able to produce even more and better content than before.

Soon, we will scale up the production and start publishing even more articles than the 1 per day we have been doing since March 2016.

We will be able to reach more people, faster, to help make the world a stronger and healthier place (which also happens to be the main mission of Healthline).

In addition, we are going to learn a lot from the Healthline team, as well as teach them some of the things that make Authority Nutrition so great. The two sites combined will be much better than each individually.

How to Continue Following Our Evidence-Based Articles on

I sincerely hope that you will continue to follow our evidence-based articles on

In addition, you will keep getting regular updates via our newsletter, Facebook page and Twitter account. These aren’t going anywhere.

I am incredibly excited about this and think this is going to be a huge advantage for Authority Nutrition, and all of our readers and followers.

Thanks very much for being a loyal reader and following us on this journey!

Kris Gunnars, BSc
CEO and Founder of Authority Nutrition